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USA Coins Rolls

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20 Half Dollar Coins 18 Kennedy 1964 & 2 Walking Liberty 1937, 1941 & 1 Franklin $235.00
2005 Westward Journey Bison Buffalo Nickel Us Mint Roll Set Sealed Box - 4u8 $12.00
Wheat Cents Roll With End Coins 1921-s And 1909 $32.00
1980-p Lincoln Pennies 50 Coins From Mint Sets $5.00
2000 - D Unc. Lincoln Cent Wrapped Roll - Shipping Discounts $5.95
2011 P Rutherford B. Hayes Dollar Us Mint Roll Sealed $80.00
Wheat Cents Roll 1909 And 1909 At Both Ends $37.00
1971 D Kennedy Half Dollar Roll $15.99
Old Wheat Cents Roll 1909-vdb And 1909 $55.00
12 Rolls 6- 2010-p & 6-2010-d First Year Of Union Shield Pennies. Free Mailing $19.99
2011 P Andrew Johnson Dollar Us Mint Roll Sealed $80.00
1946d 1946d Gem Bu Roll Silver Washington Quarter Coins $599.00
Large Lot Of 5 Rolls Of Mix Date P&s Mint Lincoln Proof Cents 250 Proof Coins $225.00
Old Wheat Cents Roll 1909-vdb And 1909-vdb Both Ends $65.00
1953d Silver Ch Bu Roll Of Roosevelt Dime Us Coins 50 Flashy Blazing Coin Lot $250.00
Factory Sealed Box Of Us Pennies $25 Copper, Wheats, Indian Heads Unsearched $26.01
Large Lot Of 5 Full Rolls Of S Mint Proof & Cameo, Roosevelt Dime Coins $120.00
2009 P&d Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set Professional $4.95
2004-s Cameo Lincoln Cent Proof Roll (50) $42.00
Wheat Cents Roll With End Coins 1919-s And B.u. Wheat Penny $35.00
2011 P Ulysses S. Grant Dollar Us Mint Roll Sealed $80.00
2009 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set P&d Log Cabin $6.95
Roll Of Wheat & Indian Head Pennies Indian Head Penny Guaranteed On Both Ends $9.99
2011 P James Garfield Dollar Us Mint Roll Sealed $80.00
1977-p Unc.roosevelt Dime Wrapped Roll $23.95
Wheat Pennies Roll 1940-49 Assorted Circulated $1.50
Unsearched Wheat Penny Roll Indian Head Cents Both Ends 50 Coin Lot $8.38
1960 D Lincon Cent Lg Date Red Unc Rolls ( 5 Rolls) $32.95
1991-s Cameo Jefferon Nickel Proof Roll (40) $71.00
Wheat Cents Roll With End Coins 1924-s And 1909 Vdb $55.00
Large Lot Of 8full Rolls Of P&s Mint Proof, Cameo, &d-cam Jefferson Nickel Coins $200.00

Website Where Found

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Thu Nov 27 2014

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