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Hadrian Ae Of Caesarea Maritima : Samaria - Lion. $39.99
Severus Alexander Ae19 Of Caesarea Maritima : Samaria $42.99
Judaea Herod The Great Rare Lepton, 40 - 4 B.c.e. $29.99
Roman Aelia Capitolina Elagabalus Archaeology Coin $150.00
Domitian 81-96 Ad. Ae 22. Caesarea. Judaea Capta. $79.99
Judaea Biblical. Herod I The Great Ae Prutah 40bc - 4ce $39.99
Syria, Commagene. Samosata. Hadrian $39.00
Ancient Coin Collecting Iv Book $21.21
One Coin King Tut From Egypt $0.99
Severus Alexander 222ad Authentic Rare Ancient Roman Coin Homonoia Prosperity $60.00
Porcius Festus Prutah H 653 Legend Palm (eb-2903) $55.00
Very Nice Decapolis Dium Caracalla 27mm 14.3g $500.00
Roman City Coin Niapolis Faustina Ii Archaeology $120.00
789ee00) Thrace, Moesia Inferior, Nikopolis Ad Istrvm, $45.00
465rm00) Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis. Elagabalus. Vf $45.00
406rm00) Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis. Caracalla Vf $75.00
Elagabalus Neapolis Palestine Mount Gerizim Temple $14.99
Dvd # 4 - 54 Books On Coins Of Jews Bible Holy Land Palestine $15.00
Marcus Aurelius Caesarea Maritima Samaria 23 Sarapis $19.99
Severus Alexander - Bostra, Decapolis, Arabia - Ae18 $9.99
Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt, 134-135 C.e. Ar Zuz. $950.00
Roman Bronze Coin $9.99
Roman Nero Bronze Coin Mint Of Antioch Archaeology $120.00
Roman Bronze Caesarea City Coin Lion Archaeology $50.00
Decapolis, Gadara. Faustina Ii, Wife Of Marcus Aurelius $49.99

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