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Ancient Coins Persian, Indian, Asian

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Unresearched & Unidentified Ancient India Greek Style Copper Coin 2000 Yrs Old $44.99
Huang-en Tong-bao Annam Famous Unknown Coin, Scarce $76.00
Annam Minh-dao Nguyen-bao(ming-dao Yuan-bao) Ad1042 $15.50
Silver Tanka, Husein Baikara (1473-1507ad), Timurids $26.35
Annam Thieu-binh Thong-bao(shao-ping Tong-bao) Ad1434 $4.50
Annam Dong-khanh Thong-bao(tong-qing Tong-bao) 2-cash $60.00
Kushan Local Imitation Of Kujula Kadphises (eb-4839) $25.00
Annam - Vietnam - 12 X Duy Tan Thong Bao Cx15 $12.07
Azes Ii(35 Bc-5 Ad). Ar Drachm. Mitch. 2412 (eb-4363) $35.00
Ancient Coin Azes Ii. Replica. $0.99
Annam - Vietnam - 2 X Thuan Hoa Nguyen Bao Cx17 $10.49
Ancient Kashmir Bronze Coin C. 9th Century Ad.india. $0.99
Annam Nguyen-phong Thong-bao(yuan-feng Tong-bao) Rare $85.00
Copper Coin Gandhara Gandharan C .200 Ad $20.00
Ar Drachm, Visvasimha (275-282 Ad), Satraps, 278 Ad $19.75
5 Different Unknown Coins From Ancient India (lot #4) $16.50
Ardeshir I. Ae 18. Goddess Anahita. M.1264-5 (eb-1347) $95.00
Ar Drachm, Satrap Visvasimha (275-282 Ad), 276 Ad $27.45
3 Different Coins From India's Sultan Of Malwa (lot #3) $12.50
Alchons The Huns Ancient Coin Rare Hunnic Narana-narenda Extremely Fine $249.00
Antique Persian Also Known As 7 Dot Coin - Combined Shipping Discounts Apply $4.99
Silver Drachm, Rudrasena Iii (348-378), India, 366 Ad $24.15
Annam Dai-dinh Thong-bao(da-ding Tong-bao) Ad1369-1370 $48.00
Quality Drachm, Rudrasena Iii (348-378), India, 368 Ad $38.50
Annam First Coin Thai-binh Hung-bao Bottom Ding $75.00
Kujula Kadphises Ae Tetradrachm Hercules (eb-3808) $30.00
Ae Tanka, Humayun (1530-1556) Mughal Empire, India 1533 $16.45
Annam - Vietnam - Lot Of 15 Different Coins Cx18 $18.89
Kings Of Parthia. Vardanes Ii. Circa Ad 55-58. Ar Tetra $135.00
Annam Thien-khanh Thong-bao(tian-qing Tong-bao) Scarce $62.00
Medieval India, Silver Dramma, Shahi Or Similar $23.00
Unattributed Ar Drachm, Mauryans, India, 3rd Century Bc $12.10
Bactria. Demetrios. Ae Tri-chalkon. Sear 7533(eb-1186) $65.00
Ar Drachm Of Rudrasena Iii (348-378 Ad), 378 Ad, Indo-scythian Satraps, India $24.95
Shapur Ii Silver Coin Drachm Sasanian Ahura Mazda On Altar In Flames $269.00
Annam - Vietnam - 6 X Unknown Coins Cx13 $10.49
India 14 Century World's Small Rare One Piece Gold Coin $9.99
Indian Silver Jital Coin C.8th Century Ad. $0.99
Ar Drachm, Mahapadma Nanda (345-323 Bc), Magadha G H443 $28.55
716hh) Parthia, Orodes I, 90-77 Bc, Ar Drachm, 4.28 Grm $150.00
Rare Hemidrachm, Varahran Iii Kushanshah (356 Ad) Harid $99.00
Annam - Vietnam - 12 X Jing De Yuan Bao Canh Duc Cx14 $12.07
Annam Khai-dinh Thong-bao(qi-ding Tong-bao) Ad 1916 $3.00
Huvishka Kushan Empire 150-191 Ad King On Elephant Very Rare Coin $9.99
Silver 2-jitals. Sultan Balban (1266-1287 Ad), Delhi $10.95
Unknown Ancient Indian Coin - Bilingual (negri & Arab)2 $4.99
Annam - Vietnam - 6 X Zhi Ping Yuan Bao Tri Binh Cx12 $10.49
Two Medieval Silver Coins $17.99
Annam Thuan-thien Nguyen-bao(shun-tian Yuan-bao) Ad1428 $10.00
Kingdom Of Bactriane, Hermaios (90-70), Ae Drachm. $90.00
Annam Hi-nguyen Thong-bao(xi-yuan Tong-bao) Ad1379 $29.00
Ar Tankah, Baikara (1473-1507 Ad), Timurid Dynasty $26.95
Ar Drachm, Rudrasena Ii (255-278), Indo-saka Kshatrapas $18.65

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Sat Dec 20 2014

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