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Judean Prutah And Half-prutah 13 Sized Coins,greek, Roman Or Islamic Coins $14.99
Armenian Art Gallery,iran,persia,peroz,sasanian,shiratan Mint,sassanian Silver D $79.00
Utica 3 Shekels Circa 1st Century Bc Punic Carthage Dioscurian Big Bronze Horses $49.99
Roman & Greek 10 Ancient Roman Coins $14.99
Old 7 Coins Unknown $66.00
Old Lot 7 Ottoman Turkey Coin $24.00
Ancient Biblical Coin Of The Magi,silver, 35 Bc-5 Ad,with Certificate & Folder $32.00
Carinus (283 - 285 A.d.) Bronze Antoninianus Ancient Coin $19.95
Rare Russian Coin With Limited Edition Case $649.48
50 Antique Books Cd Ancient Coins Medals Roman Greek $8.99
2012 Mayan Fine Gold 24k 999 1 One Troy Oz Ounce Clad Coin Doomsday Aztec Sun $15.50
Three Biblical Coins Of The Magi,bronze 35 Bc-5 Ad,certificates Of Authenticity $32.00
Judaea, Bronze Prutah, First Jewish Revolt Against Romans Ad66-70. Year 2 $49.99
Metal Detector Find Antique Token 1797 26mm. 3 Grams $1.29
Ancient India Coin, Worlds Smallest Gold Coin, 1 Bele, Nice Historic Piece 32 $8.00
Ancient China Cash Qing Dynasty Kang Xi Tong Bao Boo Chiowan Board Of Rev H22.85 $2.25
Ancient China Cash Ming Dynasty Shipwreck Coin Yong Le Tong Bao 1403-24 H20.121 $4.58
Roman Orichalcum Sestertius Of Caligula, And His Three Sisters $17.84
Cac 80 Armenian Coins From Kilikia, Uncleaned, Coins From The Middle East $157.50
Egypt Ancient Coin Ptolemy Vi Zeus Ammon Two Eagles N4-097 $70.00
Ancient Roman Holy Land Coin Nabitan Kingdom Approximately 15 Bc To15 Ad $10.99
1962 Del Gratia Regina, Nice $0.99
Authentic Celtic - Ring Proto Money- Rare $0.99
Herod The Great Very Rare Ancient Coin Of Judaea $9.99

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Sun Dec 21 2014

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