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Ancient Coins Greek

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Alexander Jannaeus Widows Mite Ancient Coin Archaeology $90.00
Very Rare Ancient Scythian Bronze Coin Of Alyathes $81.00
Mysia: Parion- 480bc. Archaic Silver Tetrobol - Rare. $75.00
Kig Rabbel Ii Queen Gamilath Aramaic Rare Ancient Greek Nabataea Coin Abundance $40.50
Antigonos Ii Gonatas Macedonian King 277bc Authentic Greek Coin Athena Pan $49.50
Antiochus Iv Epiphanes Veiled Goddess Hemichalkon $7.00
Antiochus I Soter Seleucid King 280bc Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Tripod Anchor $54.00
14 Mm....aretas Iv........ G105 $4.95
Antioch Seleukis And Pieria Syria 150bc Rare Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Zeus $45.00
Kyme Asia Minor 300bc Rare Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Forepart Of Horse Vase $7.99
Greek Nabataean Kingdom Petra 129bc Genuine Ancient Coin Athena Wisdom Nike $9.00
Forvm Macedonia Amphipolis Bronze Ae 13 Very Rare Vf $130.00
Alexander I Balas Seleucid King 150bc Authentic Rare Ancient Greek Coin Nike $49.50
Smyrna, Ionia, 2nd Century B.c. Rare Coin #26 $59.00
Copper 3 Coins Bactrian C.200 Ad $45.00
22 Mm...unknown Greek Or Byzantine???? R102 $4.95
Herod I The Great Prutah Anchor Within Laurel Wreath $60.00
Forvm Lydia Hieracome Bronze Ae 18 Rare Gf $75.00
10 Uncleaned Unsearched Greek Ancient Coins Greecian Athens Sparta $59.99

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Fri Dec 19 2014

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